We hear a lot of your stories. Since we began operations, the CAFE team has been thanked by all manner of persons for providing life-changing goods and services. While we’re touched by all positive correspondence we receive—truly, we’re open ears and always happy to hear from our customers—nothing has hit us quite like the letter you’re about to read…


CAFE and cannabis saved my life! In the last 8 months I have had 4 seizures. I had no history of seizures before this and have no warning signs before a seizure occurs.

On September 1st, 2018, my spouse and I were at CAFE. We were in the upstairs room. Ziggy (the budtender) was chatting with me while weighing out our cannabis. In the middle of our conversation, I started seizing. Once again I had no warning signs. I seized for about 3 minutes. I even turned blue. I am so glad that Ziggy was there. Her quick-thinking and expertise saved my life. Ziggy grabbed CBD oil and help my spouse administer it under my tongue. It brought me right out of my seizure. If it wasn’t for CAFE and Ziggy, I quite possibly could have died.

On October 31st, I had another seizure while at work with my spouse. I had CBD oil with me (I always carry it with me wherever I go). Within a minute of a few drops of CBD oil, I came out of my seizure.

If it wasn’t for CBD oil and cannabis products, I may not be alive.  

If anyone is ever doubting the medical benefits of cannabis, here is the proof that it can save lives. I am extremely thankful.


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