Our budtenders
are fully trained
to serve you

All budtenders at CAFE are required to complete rigorous training before serving customers at one of our many retail locations

Prior to full- or part-time
employment, budtenders at CAFE must be equipped with:

  • AODA Customer Service Training (Condensed)
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace Training
  • Integrated Accessibility Standards – Information/Communication and Employment Standards Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers in Ontario
  • Safe Food Handling Training For Workers
  • Understanding Human Rights Training (AODA Edition)
  • WHIMIS 2015 including the GHS for Workers and Supervisors – All Jurisdictions
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Training for Employees (Ontario – Bulls 168 and 132)
  • All Managers are also required to be certified in CPR and First Aid

A certified member of
the Canadian Cannabis
Retailers’ Union (CCRU)

As a certified member of the CCRU, CAFE operations in compliance with:

  • The CCRU Retail Setup Guide
  • The CCRU Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training Guide
  • The CCRU’s mandate for safe and responsible cannabis retail sales, including safety measures such as:
    • The use of Health Canada mandated child-safety bags
    • The distribution of edible dosing guidelines
    • The distribution of relevant and up-to-date literature on safe cannabis use, made accessible to all patrons of CAFE

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