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Our budtenders are here to curate your cannabis experience, offering you recommendations over the course of your journey with CAFE. But do you know who’s serving you and why they do what they do?

Here’s an opportunity for you to get to know your budtender better, so the next time you’re in, you know just who you’re asking for.

Snow White

Occupation: Head Host/Budtender

Favourite product: Wesley Tea – CBD

Why you love what you do: I have an amazing opportunity to come into work where everyone is happy and full of energy. It makes hard days easier and I feel like I’m a part of a big happy family.

What you enjoy most about helping CAFE customers: I enjoy providing customers information and knowledge on cannabis products. A lot of people aren’t well informed about cannabis and giving people the proper information is what I enjoy the most because customers become aware of what they’re purchasing.


Occupation: Budtender

Favourite product: Pineapple Express Meds

Why you love what you do: I get to work in a fast paced and fun environment, meet different people every day, and work with people I love to be around.

What you enjoy most about helping CAFE customers: I enjoy informing people on products and information they didn’t have before, and the fact that they are always excited and very appreciative of what I have to say shows me that I am making a difference.


Occupation: Budtender

Favourite product: Blueberry Element Vapes

Why you love what you do: I love what I do because I get to help people and actually make a difference in someone’s life whether they use cannabis recreationally or medicinally.

What you enjoy most about helping CAFE customers: The fact that each interaction is different. You can learn so much from people. Everyone is different and being able to learn how to help a person allows me to be a master at my practice.

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