The CAFE Lifestyle

We strive to engage, excite, educate and always encourage a fun, safe environment.

We believe responsible living means doing better - not only personably, but locally as well. We strive to help build healthier communities and improve the lives of the people in them. Anchored in events and outreach, we take every opportunity available to give back to our community through local events and a series of diverse education tools.

We are

Promoting health and happiness in our communities is our primary goal. We employ an education-first approach to child safety, harm reduction, and community wellness.

At CAFE, we’ve made it our goal to cultivate meaningful experiences with everyone who crosses our path. Our culture is yours, too, and instilled in this mentality is a sense of shared responsibility for safety and education for all.

Health & Safety

Education is paramount. In fact, we are the first cannabis retailer in Canada to introduce child-safety bags (in which all products leave our stores) that have now become mandated for all cannabis retailers by Health Canada. We only sell to those 19+ and have the technology in place to ensure all our patrons are of age. We are the first in Canada to develop a two-day Budtender and Barista training course including presentation materials, theory, exam and practical live-fire customer training exercises, all in a replicated environment.

Alway thinking

We love our business as much as the community around us. CAFE continues to strive for excellence. In the absence of regulated retail venues, many jurisdictions are finding themselves in violation of the two pillars of legalization: protecting the youth & reducing or eliminating the illicit market.

CAFE has pioneered a legislative framework that protects our youth and equally our communities, by placing education and awareness first and foremost.

Secondly, by creating a new distribution model and providing a set of retail product intake guidelines for safe consumption, craft entrepreneurs can be integrated into the marketplace alongside regulated products.



4 years in the making. CAFE has hosted and sponsored a whole series of events for our community.


CAFE strives to provide reasonable dignified access for our customers. We extend our care with various initiatives.


Our culture extends beyond the brand and is in the hearts and minds of our team. Take a closer look.

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