Budtenders & Baristas

Episode 1
What is a Budtender

Meet JJ, a budtender at CAFE: “We’re an encyclopedia for people who come in and don’t know what they’re doing. Not everyone comes in knowing exactly what they want or how they want to feel. You’re there for them to help them figure it out.”

Episode 2
Community & Responsibility

“At CAFE, we’re all about building relationships with people,” says our budtender JJ in the second instalment of our video series, Budtenders & Baristas.

Episode 3
Behind the Counter

In episode three of our Budtenders & Baristas series, we chat with MJ about how CAFE serves its community better by focusing on its culture. “Everyone I work with is very close—we all care about each other, and that attitude extends onto everyone we serve.”

Episode 4
Safe Cannabis Use

Consistency, responsibility, well-being, community, safety. These are our core beliefs—but you can hear more from our interview with budtender, Stretch, in the fourth episode of our series, Baristas and Budtenders.

Episode 5
CityPlace Community

In this episode we get to know the family community around CAFE from our local residents and patrons.

Episode 6
Jamaica Ganja Farm

We had the privilege of going to a ganja farm in Negril, Jamaica. Check out some of the spirituality behind cannabis in this beautiful country.

Episode 7
Wild Coffee Retreat

Our venture beyond Toronto continues with this episode on Blue Mountain Coffee in Negril, Jamaica.

CAFE Closeups


“I have an amazing opportunity to come into work where everyone is happy and full of energy. It makes hard days easier and I feel like I’m a part of a big happy family.”


“I enjoy informing people on products and information they didn’t have before, and the fact that they are always excited and very appreciative of what I have to say shows me that I am making a difference.”


“You can learn so much from people. Everyone is different and being able to learn how to help a person allows me to be a master at my practise.”


2018 Year in Review

Parc Rosé

At Parc Rosé, CAFE donated $1 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for each person who attended the CAFE Chill Zone.



The CAFE team reports live from Negril for the Tmrw.Tday Festival.

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