The Coalition for Responsible Use (CRU) is a group of industry professionals dedicated to enlightening and educating people about the responsible use of legalized cannabis (or, marijuana) in Canada.

CAFE is proud to be a GOLD member of CRU. Although cannabis may be less harmful than other recreational intoxicants like cigarettes or alcohol, it is not harmless substance. The CRU helps to protect our communities through the education, dialogue and awareness of marijuana’s effects with the help of the united efforts of all the coalition’s members.

The CRU prioritizes education and community interest in the cannabis space. Created with the expert advice of educators, health and industry professionals, the CRU provides the following services:

  • Forums for open dialogue in the community, designed to educate parents and children on cannabis abstinence and responsible use
  • Resources for community members to become advocates for harm reduction
  • Monthly meet-ups and workshops for community members
  • Conferences featuring unique perspectives from professionals in relevant industries (business, legal, community, etc.)
  • Up-to-date information on current issues in the cannabis space through online resources (email, social media, blog posts, etc.)

All workshops and resources provided by the CRU are intended to initiate an open and refreshing dialogue on cannabis between parents and their children.

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